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Independent Publishing is striving, fuelled by an ongoing desire to publish books of all sorts according to one’s vision and possibilities. Technological development, often seen as a danger for printed materials, has in fact acted as an enabler, allowing individuals to design, print and distribute their own books more easily than ever before. A newfound interest for all things analogue and artisan quality, has also been feeding the production of zinesters, self-publishers and small imprints. And to add to the appeal, this generally self-sustained community has been known for showcasing an overall sense of goodwill.

This zine is a glimpse of some of the exciting practices taking place in Switzerland now within this specific field.

With the rise of independent publishing production, we have also been able to observe the development of physical platforms able to showcase new printed objects, in particular publishing fairs and festivals, the reference being Printed Matters in both New York and Los Angeles. In Switzerland, the main events to currently gather both a local and international scene include: Le Monstre in Geneva, I Never Read in Basel, Fumetto in Luzern and VOLUMES in Zürich.

Art Book

A Snapshot of Independent Publishing in Switzerland

edited by Anne-Laure Franchette

Publisher self-published
Release Place Zürich, Switzerland
Release Date 2017
Topics Independent Publishing, Publishing, Snapshot, Switzerland
Technique Risography

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