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“Between Philosophy and Crime” by Paulo Nimer Pjota consists in a limited edition boxset including:
– A double sided hard cover book documenting the artist photographic researches confronted to his peculiar painting details reminiscent of teenage stickers.
– A long sleeve tee shirt sporting the book cover on the front, title on the sleeves and a list of the cities visited by the artist mimicking a music tour merch teeshirt. This shirt solely comes in Paulo Nimer Pjota size that is XL.
– And a pack of actual vinyl stickers designed by the artist in the style of his paintings.

Each element is part of a whole and won’t be available separately.

“Between Philosophy and Crime” boxset is produced in 150 copies only, numbered and signed by the artist.

Artists’ Edition, Artists’ Book

Between Philosophy and Crime

by Paulo Nimer Pjota

Release Place Sao Paolo, Brazil
Paris, France
Edition 1st edition
Release Date May 2018
Printrun 150
Inscription numbered, signed
Original Price 150.00 €
Subform Box Set
Topics Art
Methods Painting, Photographs
Format Hard cover
Binding Stitched
Dimensions 34.0 × 25.0 × 9.0 cm
Pages 200
Technique Offset

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