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On rocks, between plants and stones, directly on and off the hiking trail: Throughout the exhibition perimeter, aluminum panels in the shape and form of small fires appear in the field of vision of hikers, climbers, and art lovers. In the middle of the Albigna landscape, they awaken manifold associations: As one of the earliest vital human products, fire stands for warmth - but today it is generated with electricity or alternative energies. The conquest of the harsh alpine world would not have been possible without fire and the resulting techniques. Fire functioned as the life-sustaining element that enabled people to survive cold winters, protect themselves from animals or smoke their food. Smoke signals also served as an early means of communication. Last but not least, fire also symbolized the magical ideas of the ancients: Wisp lights, mountain spirits, forest people.
The fires of Haus am Gern are inspired by the so-called "Friends": Climbers' clamping devices that are placed in cracks or holes to secure routes. With their own implementation of "Friends", Haus am Gern thematize fire as a positive element - as a "friend" of man - and in turn, discreetly intervene in the landscape. Occasionally and in groups, the fires structure the landscape and lend it an aesthetic rhythm.

Artists’ Edition


by Haus am Gern

Publisher self-published
Release Place Biel, Bern, Switzerland
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2017
Artist: Haus am Gern
Printrun 100
Subform Postcard, Postcards
Topics Art, Fire, Installation, Mountains, Openspace
Methods Installation, Photography, Postcards
Dimensions 10.5 × 14.9 × 0.5 cm
Pages 16
Technique Offset