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Work Description

Blackout features a selection of photographs culled from a newspaper’s electronic archive and represents “standalone” images reproduced between 1965-1985. Until the widespread adoption of digital workflows, archivists would produce microfilm copies of each edition of a particular newspaper. As microfilm has become all but obsolete, scans have been made of the microfilmed newspapers in order to transfer them to digital databases. Blackout represents 9 stages of reproduction and with each stage, the technology that transfers the image leaves its mark on the process. These stages are: Negative-> Print-> Half-Tone Separation-> Newspaper Print-> Microfilm-> Scanned File-> PDF-> Tif File-> Print on Demand Publication.

Publisher self-published
Release Place London, United Kingdom
Release Date 2015
Artist: Louis Porter
Printrun 50
Original Price 50.00 Pounds
Work Creation Date 2015
Format Softcover
Binding Perfect Binding
Dimensions 21.0 × 28.0 × 2.3 cm
Weight 1,225 gram
Pages 404
Technique Digital Offset
Pages 1
Material Inkjet print dust jacket