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In Desenho, the artists Louis Porter and Pedro Torres play with original images taken from an artistic drawing course that was sold in installments in Brazil in the 1980s and 1990s. The artists propose a new reading for the images, with different framings and combinations, decontextualizing their learning function. Focusing on the errors, defects and inconsistencies of the original magazine, the publication becomes an artistic exercise that examines the failure of the artistic exercise. En la publicación Desenho, los artistas Louis Porter y Pedro Torres juegan con imágenes originales sacadas de un curso de dibujo artístico que se vendía en fascículos en Brasil en los años ochenta y noventa. Los artistas proponen una nueva lectura para las imágenes, con diferentes encuadres y combinaciones, descontextualizando su función de aprendizaje. Fijándose en los errores, defectos e incoherencias de la revista original, la publicación se convierte en un ejercicio artístico que examina el fracaso del ejercicio artístico.

Publisher self-published
Release Place London, London, United Kingdom
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Release Date 2023
Printrun 100
Language English, Portuguese, Spanish
Work Creation Date 2023
Format softcover
Binding perfect bound
Dimensions 14.0 × 21.0 cm
Weight 130 gram
Pages 64
Content Photographs
Color Digital offset full colour
Technique Digital Offset With Risograph Errata Slips
Interior Notes The front errata slip is stapled into the book. The rear slip is tipped in and hand numbered