Publisher Note

The photographs presented in this book are the daughters of a strong bond, the bond existing between Marco Rigamonti’s sensitive eye and a land that the artist chose as the subject of his work, the Southern French natural region of Camargue.

This bond is made of trust and respect, built with patience and dedication. It was a genuine surprise, however, to see how the photographer’s intuition was cleverly directed to prevail on the perception of the visitor. Marco Rigamonti has captured what usually escapes the tourist travelling in Camargue, who remains in a superficial dimension, intent on observing what strikes his eyes at first glance rather than on looking for the essence and the spirit of the place. The result of Marco Rigamonti’s quest is an intimate and personal vision, far from the stereotypes usually associated with this popular holiday location. Fiery red sunsets, pink flamingos, white horses and wild bulls, all those typical emblems of Camargue give way to a vast expanse of wild and unspoiled nature, where the presence of man turns out to be marginal.

Something so important and obvious. Yet not everyone sees it.

In Camargue the light is pure since nothing jags or breaks it. The land being all flat and without climbs, the light comes directly from the sky, not reflected or deviated by anything, pure – in fact – and white.

Release Place Paris, France
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2015
Artist: Marco Rigamonti
Printrun 500
ISBN-13: 978-2-9545050-7-7
Subform Photobook
Topics Landscape
Methods Photography
Language English, French, Italian
Format Softcover
Dimensions 11.5 × 15.0 × 0.5 cm
Pages 59
Technique Offset