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Publisher Note

On the occasion of the exhibition "Die Materie freut sich, Happy Matter" by Dennis Fuchs at the Laura Mars Gallery, a calendar for every year with monthly pages is published.
Illustrations of a selection of small sculptures are complemented by important national and international anniversaries such as the Chocolate Day, the World Cheese Day, Christmas and many more. Dennis Fuchs' small sculptures attribute an emotionality and the ability to act autonomously to everything material. The objects on display fluctuate between takeaway and restaurant, work and leisure, "high and low."

Since a stay in Japan, the artist has been working with replicas of food, which originally served to overcome language barriers when ordering in restaurants. Aesthetic and culinary decisions overlap in the production process of the small sculptures. They are given arms and legs and become animated. Arranged into sceneries on bistro tables, they either pass their time lethargically or productively. Among them are both standardized edibles and unconventional vegetables.

About the artist
Dennis Fuchs (*1992 in Berlin) still lives and works in Berlin. He studied teaching art and philosophy/ethics and fine art with Ina Weber at the UdK Berlin and as an exchange student in London and Tokyo. He has exhibited in Berlin, Zurich, Milan and Tokyo. His works were awarded the Special Jury Prize of the Takifuji Art Awards Japan 2018 and the Audience Award of the Kunstverein Ebersberg 2019. He is currently a guest lecturer for sculpture and multimedia at the Berlin University of the Arts.

Artists’ Edition

Die Materie freut sich, Happy Matter

— Calendar for every year

by Dennis Fuchs

Release Place Berlin, Germany
Release Date 8th December 2023
Artist: Dennis Fuchs
ISBN-13: 978-3-940999-60-3
Original Price 12.00 EUR
Subform Calendar For Every Year
Topics Food
Language English
Format Spiral Binding
Dimensions 14.8 × 21.0 cm
Weight 400 gram
Pages 13