Work Description

An abstract love story with surrealistic illustrations.

Artists’ Book

The Psychic Vault

by Max Löffler

Release Place Germany
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2015
Production: Johannes Oestringer
Artist: Max Löffler
Printrun 50
Original Price 10.00 Eur
Subform Zine
Style/Movement Surrealism
Genre/Content Form Love Story
Topics Baseball, Cars, Food, Occultism, Sculpture
Themes Love
Methods Illustration
References Salvador Dali
Format booklet
Binding Saddle Stiched
Dimensions 18.0 × 26.0 × 0.3 cm
Pages 28, sheets
Content Drawings
Color 1, black
Material Munken Print White 15
Technique Riso
Interior Notes Includes silkscreen poster (51 x 69 cm)
Pages 4
Content Drawings, Text
Color 1, black
Material 260g Chomolux Gloss
Technique Silkscreen, Manual
Color 1, black
Material paper bag
Technique Riso, Riso EZ 570

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