Cover, photograph, image source: Albert Coers

Publisher Note

The edition consists of 14 pictures from a sign language dictionary. The prints are folded, the motifs thus turned and divided into two halves, the picture words thus encoded again. In the front part you can see only faces and upper body when turning the pages, from the middle the lower half with caption and “meaning”. The result is an associative picture-word sequence. The leaves are loosely placed inside each other and can be rearranged by the viewer.

The edition is published in connection with the series Gasteig-Encounters, on the occasion of the exhibition JAJA NEINNEIN VIELLEICHT at the Cultural Center Gasteig, Munich 2020. Reduced black and white pictures from a sign language textbook were printed on adhesive foil and contrasted with the postmodern architecture of the cultural center, opened in 1985, the same year that the picture dictionary was published in Berlin.

Inserted in the centre is a red folded sheet alluding to the dominant colour in the cultural centre and separating further inserted components: a motif on A4 and a booklet showing the pictorial words in juxtaposition with photographs of situations in the exhibition space, with text by Albert Coers, German/English. As in the exhibition, prints on adhesive foil are used as covers, which can be peeled off and stuck on. The motifs for cover and inserted sheet change, so that each copy has the character of a unique specimen (cover: “now”, “book”, “inside”, “capitalism”, “picture”, “wind”; inserted motifs: “red”, “attentive”, “finished”).

Artists’ Edition

Gasteig Encounters Edition

by Albert Coers

Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2020
Artist: Albert Coers
Printrun 25
ISBN-13: 978–3‑94680376–8
Inscription numbered, signed
Original Price 69.00 EUR
Availability Available
Subform Artist Book
Topics Architecture, Language
Methods Conceptual Art, Installation, Photography
Dimensions 21.0 × 29.7 × 0.7 cm
Pages 28
Technique Digital Print, Foil Printing

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