Release Place Kaunas, Lithuania
Release Date 2022
Original Price 35.00 AFN
Style/Movement Contemporary photography
Topics Photography
Themes Humanism
Methods Photography, Writing
Content In 2022, two European cultural institutions, The Centre de l’audiovisuel (CNA) in Luxembourg and The Kaunas Photography Gallery in Lithuania, joined forces to create a collaborative project that bought together a group of international artists to explore the notion of humanists photography. Twenty-three artists, four authors, three mentors and the designer were invited to be part of this crossing borders project. The project took the form of two separate residencies held at the Kaunas Photography Gallery and the CNA during May and June. Led by Jim Goldberg in Kaunas, Emma Bowkett and Naoise O’Keeffe in Dudelange, the residencies provided a platform for an exchange of ideas and discussions about the artists’ work: how their work relates to today’s world and how contemporary photographers can still find meaningful and inventive ways to present what means to be human.
Language English, Lithuanian, French
Format Hardcover
Weight 1,600 gram
Pages 336, paginated