Metastabile Balance, Box, Cover, image source: artists


Box Incl. 2 Unique Xerox-Prints And 2 Infinite Cassettes, Special Edition

Publisher Note

»Metastabile Balance« includes:
»Scan — Copy/Copy — Scan« 2 unique Xerox Prints, by Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber, numbered and signed
»Transparent People« Soundflakes on 2 infinite cassettes by Sven Vieweg
in a box: 225 x 313 x 20 mm, ed. of #15 copies, numbered and signed
#6-10: 220 EUR; #11-15: 280 EUR

Publisher self-published
Release Place Düsseldorf, Germany
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2021
Printrun 15
Inscription signed, numbered
Original Price 220.00 EUR
Topics Copy, Electronic Music, Photography
Methods Electronic Music, Electronic Sound, Photography
Dimensions 22.5 × 31.3 × 2.0 cm
Material Infinite Cassettes
Technique Recording, Xerox