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Publisher Note

In autumn 2010, the exhibition “Chambres d’Echo” at Les Complices* showed archive material and references to the feminist symposium “Wissenschaft, Künste & alles andere” (Science, Arts & Everything Else), which took place at the Museum für Gestaltung in Basel in 1990. Over 40 hours of video recordings of the numerous lectures, readings, concerts and panel discussions were digitized and archived in the run-up to the exhibition and shown on monitors. In addition, some of the participants of the 1990 symposium and a number of other guests were invited to make references to the material collected in the archive in an open form within the framework of the exhibition and especially the events.
The contributions collected in the publication “Journal d’Echo” were produced almost exclusively during the exhibition and the events of “Chambres d’Echo” or in response to them. In the sense of a further reversal or re-reading, they attempt to tie in with the symposium as well as the exhibition and events, to make translations and to critically reflect on them. In doing so, the contributions take up the themes and concerns of the symposium, they ask about the significance of the resulting archive and the movements and shifts in political feminist positioning and the debates that are of recurrent interest within the temporal horizon outlined above.

Exhibition Catalogue

Journal d’Echo

— 1990/2010/2011

edited by Les Complices*

Release Place Zurich, Switzerland
Release Date 2011
Editor: Les Complices*
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ISBN-13: 978-3-03746-151-8
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