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7 full-page illustrations in colour, cloth binding with dust jacket

Publisher Note

The idea of Chambresville arose from the examination of artists and their exhibitions in the attic of the Konsumbäckerei Solothurn. In the works they presented at this location, which is strongly influenced by its architecture, the operators of the art space noted a scepticism regarding a secure concept of space.
In private spaces we experience the whole world, in outdoor spaces we move as if we were at home. Space in the conventional sense offers no more protection than a place that supports our identity. Indefiniteness is the basis. Architecture as a language that otherwise defines space, building and place, breaks with its laws, irritates and becomes a narrative of people, their search, their biography. Perhaps we would rather go away, write the curators of the Konsumbäckerei about their project.
For Chambresville they have invited seven artists, six writers and one photographer, in whose work space plays an important role. The project is a literary and visual approach to a place of our time: Chambresville.

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Release Date 1999
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