image source: edition fink


64 illustrations in colour, brochure with flaps, booklet insert

Publisher Note

For the exhibition “In diesen Zeiten c’est le moment” a group of artists was invited to participate. In 2003 – as a follow-up to the major Swiss overview exhibitions “Freie Sicht aufs Mittelmeer” (at the Kunsthaus Zurich, 1998) and “Nonchalance” (at the CentrePasquArt Biel, 1997) – they created a kind of still, reflecting the ever-changing landscape of young art production in Switzerland.
For the present exhibition publication, the twenty participating artists were invited to contribute a statement. The result and the diversity of these statements show what is being worked on “In These Times” and what is within the realm of the possible at the beginning of a new millennium, in a time when everything seems to be allowed and when taboo subjects have long since been broken both in society and in art, while the new media, including the Internet, have opened up new dimensions of human imagination and artistic representation.