Publisher Note

Locomotion is a one-off travel zine with contributions from art-related actors, engaging with modes and troubles of travel. Featuring contributions by Samar al Summary, Fully Funded Residencies, Burak Taşdizen, Azar Pajuhandeh, Ipek Burçak, Ada Karayel and Eren Ileri. It is a wandering around (im)mobilities of non-humans, artist residencies as a way of survival, road and driving memories, heatwaves and meltings, and commercial space travel.

Locomotion is designed by Ada Karayel, and co-faciliated by Eren Ileri. Illustrations are made by Goodnewsforbadguys.

Release Place Berlin, Germany
Release Date 2021
Editor: Ipek Burçak
Designer: Ada Karayel
Contributor: Eren Ileri,
Contributor: Burak Taşdizen,
Contributor: Fully Funded Residencies,
Contributor: Azar Pajuhandeh,
Contributor: Samar Al Summary,
Illustrator: Goodnewsforbadguys,
Contributor: Ada Karayel,
Contributor: Ipek Burçak
Artist: Ipek Burçak
Printrun 500
Original Price 12.00 Euro
Subform Zine
Themes Travel
Methods Collage, Photography, Writing
Language English
Work Creation Date 2021