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Publisher Note

The book narrates the soliloquy of a researcher in residence in a huge rural house in Portugal who tries to decipher the non-human world during some encounters with the "others", the only "residents" of the place. Through stories extracted from a field diary and fragments of records, between the scientific, the speculative and the poetic, the book reconstructs the thread of Paula's artistic process: she ventures into an impossible classification and, finally, she will end up confronting her own limit.
Parallel to the growth time of a plant, there are encounters and misunderstandings with more than a dozen species (ants, bats, spiders, snakes, mint plants, crickets...). These discoveries end with a final story, called "Pareidolia", where anthropomorphic roots reveal the bias of the human gaze.

Artists’ Book

Los otros residentes

by Paula Bruna, Silvia Renda

Publisher self-published
Release Place Barcelona, Spain, Spain
Release Date June 2022
Writer: Paula Bruna
Designer: Silvia Renda
Handmade envelopes: Aurora Muñoz
Printrun 10
Themes Non-human, Disanthropocentry, Ecology, Empathy,
Methods Drawing, Graphics, Photography, Writing
Language Spanish
Binding Metallic spiral binding
Dimensions 9.0 × 14.0 cm
Pages 46, sheets
Content 8 handmade envelopes with field record cards about non--humans residents
Material Freelife Vellum, Colorplan rust (envelopes)
Material archival cardboard