Hussain has also produced a series of 4 x 7" postcards whereby the geometric shapes and primary colours that are emblematic of both Holme’s work and her own have been juxtaposed with photographic images of Preston, exploring how the truth of a site can be captured through reproduction and abstraction. Postcards: Edition of 8; limited edition of 10 (per card design); 300g Cyclus; full colour RISO inkjet; 170mmx120mm

Publisher Note

Photography and Artwork
by Aliyah Hussain

From the first Hussain was drawn to the faces and patterned masks depicted by Christopher J Holme, and with this publication has placed these brightly coloured and mysterious characters within real sites. Adapting the eclectic cultural and historical references that can be read in Holme’s work, Hussain staged a photo-shoot in Preston’s Avenham park with her father standing in as the masked figure. These images have then been reproduced as full colour risograph prints, utilising the hazy quality of this medium, and hand bound.

Book: limited edition of 80; 210x297mm; 120g Cyclus recycled paper; 4 colour risograph print; Japanese loop sheet stich-binding

Printed in Salford by Team Trident Press
June 2016

Release Date 2016
Artist: Aliyah Hussain
Printrun 50
Availability Available
Subform Folded Photobook
Topics Mental Health
Methods Analog Photography, Sculpture
Dimensions 21.0 × 29.7 cm
Pages 20
Technique Risography