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Publisher Note

In the New York Times Flag Profile, all 144 of the American flags from the New York Times issued on the first anniversary of September 11, 2001, have been cut out and pasted into a newspaper with everything else left blank. The flag depictions are cut out and inserted into the pages in such a way, that the verso of the fragments is also visible "Initially" it was a handmade object, which involved meticulous handiwork and was relatively fragile.
The production of a printwork in a larger edition made it possible to distribute the work to a broader audience for the price of $1, then the customer price of a regular New York Times copy. In the beginning it sold mostly through exhibitions. For one day (on the second anniversary of 9-11, in 2003) the New York Times flag profile was offered along with the real daily papers at local groceries and newspaper stores in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Artists’ Book

New York Times Flag Profile

by Michalis Pichler

Publisher self-published
Release Place New York, NY, United States of America
Release Date 2003
Printrun 1000
Binding Folded
Dimensions 36.0 × 58.0 cm
Pages 144