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This limited and signed multiple compilation comes in a cardboard Pizza Box,
featuring New York-related publications:
- New York Times Flag Profile, New York 2003 (newspaper 144pp)
- New York Garbage Flag Profile, Frankfurt: Revolver 2005 (book 292pp)
- “WAR”diary, Frankfurt: Revolver 2005 (newspaper 92pp)
- i fell in love, i fell out of love, New York: Printed Matter, Inc. 2006 (newspaper 24pp)
- i fell out of love, i fell in love, New York: Printed Matter, Inc. 2006 (newspaper 24pp)
- migration #31, Berlin 2005 (postcard)
- new york garbage flag profile, Berlin 2005 (postcard)
- I FELL IN LOVE, I FELL OUT OF LOVE, 100$, POTATO CHIPS, AIRPLANES, CLOUDS & SKY, New York: Printed Matter, Inc. 2006 (postcard)
- les dés sont pipés, New York 2006 (newspaper 4pp/poster)
- SOME FALLEN UMBRELLAS AND SOMETHING ELSE, Marseille: U.L(S) 2008 (newspaper 12pp)

Artists’ Edition

Red, White & Blue Box

by Michalis Pichler

Publisher self-published
Release Place New York, NY, United States of America
Release Date 2006
Printrun 60
Inscription signed, numbered
Subform Multiple, Multiple Compilation
Dimensions 41.0 × 41.0 × 5.0 cm

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