Publisher Note

For objects to work, they must be working to start with. And in order to keep them working you need to respect them. As like people that you love. Life is better when you are surrounded with what makes happy to live this life. As there is no sense to existence if you don’t enjoy what you go with this gift we have been given. Like a present form a birth to a leaving form a work place. The tools, stationary, pens and data storage units we use everyday are necessary in-order to complete daily tasks. There is no reason not to enjoy these as functional aesthetic objects in the same way that you enjoy time with your favourite people. As simple pleasures that we should all enjoy and honour, with time and respect.

A Honorific’s of the Usefulness 2016 -2020 complete set available. £30 + P&P

Artists’ Book

N.J.S. says we should offer to buy their equipment

— A series of little round and powerful Pieces that puts power into action.

by Oliver Griffin

Release Place London, United Kingdom
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2020
Artist: Oliver Griffin
Printrun 100
Original Price 5.00 GBP
Subform Zine
Topics Bicycles, Cycling, Objects, Photography, Track
Methods Photography, Writing
Dimensions 14.5 × 21.0 cm
Pages 12
Technique Risograph