Publisher Note

In the early 1980s, returning to Japan from a few years of traveling and living in Europe, Toshio Shibata began photographing night scenes of roadside Japan. Shibata has said of the experience of the road at night: “While driving on a highway at night in Europe I often experienced an imperceptible momentary sensation of transcending place, yet not knowing where I was. It seemed as if I could have been in Japan, or even in the United States. I felt that the scene was non-specific, but rather a kind of generic or archetypal common scene, universal image and part of a global world-view.”

Gas stations – especially in the dead of night – look more or less the same everywhere they are to be found. Yet their generic look can also provoke feelings of melancholy, even romance.

Well known for his large-scale photographs of large-scale civil engineering in rural places, both in Japan and in the West, Toshio Shibata here presents the view with a book of seven jewel-like images of Japanese gas stations at night, beautifully reproduced and accompanied by a silver gelatin photograph, hand printed by the artist himself.


One Picture Book Two #13: Gas Stations

by Toshio Shibata

Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2020
Artist: Toshio Shibata
Printrun 500
ISBN-13: 978-1-59005-528-1
Inscription numbered, signed
Topics Gas Stations
Language English
Format Hardcover in a box
Dimensions 15.2 × 21.6 cm
Pages 16