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Include 1 fotografia originale firmata. + 1 fotografia originale firmata
Pages: 16 pages, 7 four-color plates, 1 original signed photograph

Publisher Note

Every year at Christmas for the past ten years, Todd Hido has traveled to Ohio to visit his parents. During his annual trip home, Hido makes photographs along the small road that serves as the namesake for this book. The signed, original photographic print included with each copy of the book was shot on a 126 Instamatic camera.

Todd Hido is a San Francisco Bay Area-based artist whose work has been featured in Artforum, The New York Times Magazine, Eyemazing, Wired, Elephant, FOAM, and Vanity Fair. His photographs are in the permanent collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; The Guggenheim Museum, New York; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles; and Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Artists’ Book

Seasons Road

by Todd Hido

Release Place Portland, OR, United States of America
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2016
Artist: Todd Hido
ISBN-13: 9781590054567
Subform Photobook
Topics Landscape, Landscape Photography, Ohio, USA
Methods Photography
Language English
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 18.7 × 14.5 cm
Weight 1,000 gram
Pages 16

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