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Publisher Note

With “Pleasure, Habeas Corpus, Motoricity. The Great Western Possible”, Robert Estermann is presenting on the occasion of the exhibition “Manor Art Prize 2007” in the Museum of Art Lucerne for the first time an overview of his work.
Estermann’s work comprises drawings, photographs, installations and performances. His works move in a mostly conceptual environment between artistic freedom and documentary dependence. He is concerned with social phenomena and the questions of belonging, difference and peculiarity. Based on a performative approach, Estermann also works installatively, transferring his themes into spatial structures that challenge the viewer directly and physically.
On the occasion of the first solo presentation of Estermann’s work in a museum, this publication provides a comprehensive overview of an extremely multi-layered oeuvre whose complexity is yet to be discovered. With great ease, “Pleasure, Habeas Corpus, Motoricity. The Great Western Possible” shows the connections between the drawing, photographic and conceptual installation works. Texts by Adrian Lucas, Daniel Kurjakovic and Elisabeth Lebovici complete the monographic volume.

Artist Monograph

Robert Estermann

Pleasure, Habeas Corpus, Motoricity

— The Great Western Possible

edited by Susanne Neubauer, Kunstmuseum Luzern

Release Place Zurich, Switzerland
Release Date 2007
Printrun 900
ISBN-13: 978-3-03746-105-1
Subform Catalog
Dimensions 24.0 × 32.0 cm
Pages 128
Technique Offset Printing

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