image source: edition fink


92 illustrations, 56 in colour, Japanese binding, Swiss brochure

Publisher Note

“Sehnsüchtig glide balloons around the world” (Longing balloons are floating around the world) is the documentation of an extraordinary exhibition series in the Green Light Pavilion in Berlin. As an “exhibition in progress” the curators Christiane Rekade and Caroline Eggel conceived a series of interlocking artist presentations.
A temporary architecture of office containers on a vacant lot in the middle of Berlin represents an exhibition concept that is not interested in the definitive solution, but rather demands that the artists react to their predecessors and surroundings. In this way, positions are presented that are embedded in the exhibition of the predecessors and are prerequisites for the successors. The design of the project leads to exciting combinations and always surprising exhibitions.
The precisely designed documentation reflects especially this experimental approach in an optimal way and shows the development and progress of the project.