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Zurich is not only home to the Cabaret Voltaire, the birthplace of Dada, but also to one of the most important Dada collections in the Kunsthaus Zürich. This pocket guide connects the two houses and takes you to other Dada venues, revealing the milieu and places where the Dada movement was born and developed. You will learn where the Dadaists met for their soirées, where Lenin debated and C. G. Jung described the unconscious, where the wildest dance evenings took place, and where the word “Dada” actually comes from. In the process, past, present, and future overlap. You will experience what was, see what is, and consider what could be. In this sense, Dada can also be understood as a contemporary practice, constantly posing questions about the present and inspiring ideas for the future.

Art Book

Pocket Guide Dada City Zurich

edited by Salome Hohl, Cathérine Hug, Cabaret Voltaire, Kunsthaus Zürich

Release Place Zurich, Switzerland
Release Date 2021
Printrun 600
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Subform Art History
Genre/Content Form City Guide
Topics Avantgarde, Dada, Dadaism, Switzerland, Zurich
Language English
Dimensions 14.5 × 10.5 cm
Pages 102



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