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An important figure in the underground scene of the 1960s and the 1970s, Piero Heliczer remains an unrecognized artist. As a poet, a publisher, and a filmmaker, he collaborated with the likes of Andy Warhol, Angus MacLise, Jack Smith, or Anne Waldman; however his work eludes easy classification and stable forms. He preferred the circulation and dissemination of his poetry, from Paris to New York to Amsterdam, in broadsheets, little magazines, and public readings, in accord with his nomadic, non-conformist life. This book aims at retracing his oeuvre, and revealing its vital energy and experimental drive, through the collection of poems Heliczer published in magazines and periodicals between 1959 and 1979.

The poems will be presented as facsimiles of the original magazines alongside their french translations. They will be accompanied by reproductions of documents and ephemera, to further highlight the singular printed culture of an era, and the fervent community it nourished.

Artist Monograph

Piero Heliczer

Poems & Documents

Release Place Paris, France
Edition 1st edition
Release Date November 2021
Artist: Piero Heliczer
ISBN-13: 978-2-492650-00-0
Methods Poetry
Language English, French
Format Softcover
Dimensions 21.6 × 27.9 cm
Pages 240

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