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Manifesti, Manifesti politici, Beirut, Lebanon, Asia, Middle East. 2 caskets

Publisher Note

8 destroyed posters of Lebanese politicians
in the streets of Beirut.

SUNDAY BOOKS is a small self-publishing project I started
on a lazy Sunday a couple of months ago. I sat down on my
computer with no intension and after editing, printing and
glueing all day I had a small book dummy in hands.
Made on Sundays for Sundays.

Poor Politicians comes "unbound" - as sets of cards in a box.
Each signed and numbered in an edition of 100.

These pictures have been taken in the streets of Beirut in June 2010 using an iphone and the shake-it-photo polaroid app. All persons depicted are politicians of the different parties of lebanese political scene. Life expectancy of lebanese politicians is not very high…

Artists’ Book

Poor Politicians I and II

by Frederic Lezmi

Release Date 2010
Artist: Frederic Lezmi
Printrun 100
Topics Asia, Manifests, Politicsl Manifests
Methods Photography
Language English
Format Box