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Salenstein; Pliezhausen, Germany

Publisher Note

Energy is one of the most important goods of our society. Everything depends on its never-ending supply, making its production plants to highly protected and inaccessible cathedrals of the modern age. Photographer Luca Zanier casts a look behind the walls of the energy industry. His images open the doors to hidden universes in which uranium, coal, oil, sun or wind are transformed into electricity.

These are seemingly deserted worlds of concrete and metal, temples of an energy devouring society that radiate a cold logic. The imposing halls, endless corridors, massive floodgates and cryptic signs are as intimidating as they are fascinating. They seem extraterrestrial and surreal at times, as if taken from a science fiction movie.

Artist Monograph

Luca Zanier

Power book: space and energy

edited by Alberto Bianda, Claudia Bellacchini

Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2011
Artist: Luca Zanier
ISBN-13: 9783716517437
Topics Energy, Nuclear Power Plants
Methods Photography
Language English, German
Format Hardcover
Pages 112