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Set with volumes 28 and 29 from the series Recueil (d’images du monde oriental-occidental) / 159 illustrations, 110 in colour, 28 reproductions of negatives on red background, saddle stitching with dust jacket, in paper bag

Publisher Note

As part of her long-term study “Memphis”, Basel-based artist Cécile Hummel presents a series of photo magazines and provides an insight into her constantly growing picture archive. In her current body of work, she focuses on the Mediterranean region, the evidences of history and the mutual cultural influences of Orient and Occident. During a studio residency in Cairo in 2012/2013 and various journeys and short stays in the Mediterranean region – Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Sicily, Lebanon – in the following years she created drawings and particularly photographs that document and reflect the mutual cultural impacts, especially in architecture, but also the changes caused by tourism. Materials from this research have now been published for the first time.
In order to reflect the character of an accumulative collection and to take into account the unfinished nature of an open archive, the publication appears as a continuous series of individual issues of the magazine “Recueil (d’images du monde oriental-occidental)”.
This set contains the two volumes “Recueil 28 – Palermo Città” and “Recueil 29 – Dintorni di Palermo”. After the five issues with pictures from North Africa, it shows for the first time pictures from Southern Europe.

Artists’ Book

Recueil 28/29 (Set 3)

— Palermo Città / Dintorni di Palermo

by Cécile Hummel

Release Place Zurich, Switzerland
Release Date 2019
Author: Alexandro Pinto
Artist: Cécile Hummel
Series Recueil, 28/29 (Set 3)
Printrun 450
ISBN-13: 978-3-03746-230-0
Dimensions 22.5 × 30.5 cm
Pages 128
Technique Offset Printing