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73 illustrations in the picture section, 186 illustrations in the index, thread stitching, free spine brochure with poster insert / There are two different covers and three different posters

Publisher Note

Markus Schwander investigates in his work groups, which are summarized under the term “Shattered Flow”, questions of landscape aesthetics and has explored various landslide areas. Over a period of several years, four series of collages and drawings have emerged from this research.
Based on photographs taken during site visits, the works developed in the studio and at the photocopier are not aimed at representing the present day appearance, but rather are attempts to make movement of an immense scale imaginable. They represent the visual result of artistic research and are intended to change the ideas in our heads and encourage us to think more deeply about our relationship to nature.
The picture series are supplemented by a text by Franziska Glozer on the artist’s work, an essay on the history of the landslide by Annemarie Bucher and reflections on artistic research by Markus Schwander himself. An index of his work on landslides since 2008 completes the overview.

Release Place Zurich, Switzerland
Release Date 2017
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