Publisher Note

Silent Cities presents Mat Hennek’s portraits of some of the world’s great cities—from New York, Los Angeles and London, to Tokyo, Munich and Abu Dhabi—yet all curiously lacking people. Conceived and constructed by man as vessels for human activity, these metropolises are transformed by Hennek into monuments of silence: empty, sometimes eerie sites for rituals of work and recreation that are yet to take place. Whether the shimmering windows of a Dallas office building, a lush Hong Kong garden of palms, blooms and fountains, the famed pastel terraced facades of Monaco, or rows of trolleys outside the concrete bulk of Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport, Hennek’s pictures demonstrate a consistent formal rigor and recast familiar environments as new sources for focus and reflection.

Artists’ Book

Silent Cities

by Mat Hennek

Release Place Göttingen, Germany
Edition 1st edition
Release Date April 2020
Artist: Mat Hennek
ISBN-13: 978-3-95829-655-8
Subform Photobook
Topics Cities, Landscapes
Methods Photography
Language English
Dimensions 29.0 × 32.0 cm
Pages 96