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Publisher Note

Bianca Pedrina deals with the built environment and the process of visual perception. In her photographic work, she concentrates on architectural details, often focusing on the materiality of the gallery space as part of her site-specific installations.

In her new work 'City Dust' she draws her attention to the facade of the SIZE MATTERS.
Dust deposits of the city of Vienna and its surroundings, which have formed over a longer period of time, are clearly visible on the "outer skin" of the exhibition space. The photographs presented in the gallery show the current state of the façade.
In a further step, Pedrina swaps her camera with a scanning electron microscope to determine which inorganic substances are emitted by the city, and which microparticles find their way to the SIZE MATTERS and colonize the surface of the building.

Artists’ Book

Size Matters / City Dust

by Bianca Pedrina

Publisher self-published
Release Date 2019
Artist: Bianca Pedrina
Topics Facade, Vienna
Methods Photography, Scanning Electron Microscop
Dimensions 14.8 × 21.0 cm
Pages 32