24 × 32 cm + 61 × 21 cm

Publisher Note

The Czechs are the most proficient beer drinkers in the world with 156 liters per capita and year. A good reason for photographer Dirk Gebhardt to capture Prague’s “drinking cathedrals”—yesterday bars with a mixture of brutal Tristesse and desperate reality. The photos are published in form of a newspaper in black and white, with an accompanying text by Jan Arndt as part of the Prague special edition.

Alongside this photographic journey, the Prague special edition contains a Czech Design Map—a practical printed map for design shopping. You can find an overview of 116 shops where you can buy tasteful gifts, Czech products, and local goods. The printed map has an online companion, so you can also search the map by city or location and find out which shops are closest to you.

Artists’ Ephemera, Photobook

Slanted – Limited Prague Special Edition

— Photographic Newspaper + Czech Design Map

Release Date May 2019
Photographer: Dirk Gebhardt,
Art Direction: Julia Kahl,
Creative Direction: Lars Harmsen
Series Slanted, Limited Prague Special Edition
Printrun 250
ISBN-13: 978-3-9818296-8-6-6
Inscription numbered, signed
Original Price 7.00 EUR
Topics Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Prague, Typography
Language English
Dimensions 24.0 × 32.0 cm
Pages 48