Publisher Note

Finally here it is: the brand new Slanted magazine #9 “Stencil. Type.” Again, we can present very interesting content with great pleasure: projects by Gavillet & Rust and their fontlabel Optimo (Geneva), the large format artworks by Christopher Wool (New York), a photo essay from Afghanistan by François Fleury (Paris) ... you can read interviews with John Boardley, Kouga Hirano and Chip Kidd as well as a type essay by Hannes von Döhren. Besides we present numerous (Stencil-) works from professionals and students (amongst others Hauser, Schwarz, Mind Design, Ko Sliggers, Autobahn) ...
Two further important news on our weblog: Shop and Portfolio have been added. We aim for offering interesting publications directly in the Slanted shop that have been posted on the blog. Based on intensive discussions with publishing houses we are able to offer the same prices as Amazon marketplace in Germany – or even cheaper because we can send nationally without additional costs.
At the same time we are launching Slanted typography portfolio. You can present your favourite typographic projects or new fonts to other designers. Not for free but worth its price: uniquely € 15 (in Germany) or € 18 (abroad). You’ll get a Slanted magazine of your choice and can upload as many projects as you like at any time. You can administrate your profile and let others know about it.

Art Magazine

Slanted Magazin #9 – Stencil. Type.

Release Date October 2009
Art Direction: Flo Gaertner
Series Slanted Magazin, #9 – Stencil. Type.
ISSN: 1867-6510
Original Price 12.00 EUR
Availability Out of Print
Subform Design Magazine
Topics Stencil, Type Design, Typography
Language English, German
Format Softcover
Dimensions 21.0 × 27.0 cm
Pages 164
Material PROFIsilk, PROFIgloss (Igepa)
Material Constellation Snow E10 (Fedrigoni)