Cover, © Gloria Glitzer


Gloria Glitzer’s ‘Theory’ is a notebook with a pen. It can be read as a comment on Kenneth Goldsmith’s artists’ book ‘Theory’, a publication on appropriation, bootlegging, copyright,….
Gloria Glitzer’s ‘Theory’ looks industrial made, like a readymade but it’s not. Each publication is completly handmade and was printed entirely with the riso printing technique.It comes with a white pen quoting Kenneth Goldsmith’s ›Exactly wrong‹. This artists’ book was developed by Brandt and Grünke during the »Book on Books« workshop at ACUD Gallery, Berlin. The first edition was published by Colorama. The second edition is published by Gloria Glitzer.

Artists’ Book


by Franziska Brandt, Moritz Grünke, Gloria Glitzer

Publisher self-published
Release Place Berlin, Germany
Edition 2nd edition
Release Date December 2018
Printrun 100
Inscription numbered
Availability Available
Subform Pseudo Readymade, Readymade
Topics Kenneth Goldsmith, Lawrence Weiner, Peter Gordon
Methods Appropriation, Bootleg, Conceptual Art
Dimensions 20.5 × 29.0 × 1.3 cm
Pages 84
Technique Risography