Publisher Note

Invite strangers to sleep in her bed, follow a man through the streets of Paris to Venice, hire a detective to spy on her and give him an account of her day, get hired as a wife stationed in a hotel to photograph clients personal items, ask for the blind to tell them the last image they remember, chase away the ghosts of works stolen from museums… Sophie Calle has been orchestrating small moments of life for almost thirty years. This kind of rules of the game that she sets, both for herself and for others, blurs the boundary between art and life. If she methodically chooses the experiences to live that she stages, the "story maker", to use the expression of Hervé Guibert, is not afraid to reveal the intimacy of her disappointed loves or the exquisite pains of absences that may make you melancholy. The curator and art critic Christine Macel summarizes the contours of her work as follows: "The association of an image and a narration, around a game or an autobiographical ritual, which tries to ward off the anxiety of absence, while creating a relationship with the other controlled by the artist. ”Sophie Calle never ceases to consult this relationship with others and she conceives a unique way of seeing, as much as a personal poetic and artistic research. The stories of her in the first person are often associated with all kinds of possible media (books, photos, videos, films, performances). This postcard game is another trace, a new facet.

Release Place Arles, France
Release Date 2015
Artist: Sophie Calle
Subform Artist's Postcard, Postcard
Topics Autobiography, Game, Life
Methods Photography, Writings
Language French
Format box
Dimensions 16.5 × 11.0 × 2.5 cm