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165 illustrations, brochure, 2 volumes

Publisher Note

The “Diplompublikation 2006” of the graduating class at the Department of Fine Arts at the Zurich University of Art and Design brings together inserts from all seventeen diploma students as well as a contribution by Carlpeter Braegger, who was invited as a guest by the students.
The 2006 edition of the diploma publications of the art class was developed in a workshop of the publishing house with the students. The participants agreed on the form of the classic advertising booklet. To place one’s own work in the series of yellow classics not only shows a good deal of impudence, but also shows a great deal of irony with regard to one’s own artistic future. The artistic contributions were all conceived and realized especially for this publication.
The “Diplompublikation 2006” once again provides stimulating insights into positions of young art, all of which emerged this summer from the HGK Zurich, and introduces the future opponents of the Swiss art scene.