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The shelter as a blueprint of the stable house. The nomadic before the sedentary. The interest of Lara Dhondt is directed towards a fast, minimal, and vital human need to appropriate a personal space; conquering one’s own place in the world. An important element within the artist´s work is the installing of these demarcations in the urban landscape. She works as fast as possible, with (waste)materials she gathers right on the spot. The photographic representation becomes a monumental document of an ephemeral action in public space. These constructions can generate and feed ‘daydreaming’. They function as primitive, primary sculptures: based on human measurements. The artist refers to the installations she leaves behind in the periphery of the city, as to public sculptures. They are her traces of daydreaming, and the catalysts of a poetic resistance.

APE (#009)
Release Place Gent, Belgium
Release Date 2011
Artist: Lara Dhondt
Printrun 150
Subform Photobook
Language English
Dimensions 19.0 × 13.0 cm
Weight 200 gram
Pages 28