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Clouds are fleeting entities – studying them so as to correctly classify, name and read their forms was considered in the 19th and early 20th centuries an important step in coming to understand the secrets of the atmosphere. In its early stages photography offered scientists completely new ways of depicting clouds. They used cameras to make precise, lifelike images, which provided in turn insights into the interaction of clouds and the atmosphere. Helmut Völter‘s »Cloud Studies« presents six different stations of scientific cloud photography, from its beginnings in the 1880s to the images made by the first weather satellites in the 1960s. Each of the six chapters represents a very different scientific and photographic perspective of clouds.

Fotografie di nuvole realizzate da Albert Riggenbach, Ralph Abercromby, piloti della I Guerra Mondiale, Ferdinand Quénisset, Philippe Schereschewsky, Philippe Wehrlé, Masanao Abe e the Tiros weather satellites.

Artists’ Book

Wolkenstudien / Cloud Studies / Étuds des nuages

by Marcel Beyer, Helmut Völter

Release Place Leipzig, Germany
Edition 2nd edition
Release Date 2010
ISBN-13: 9783940064998
Subform Photobook, Photography Book
Topics Clouds, Scientific Photography, Sky, Wolken
Methods Photography
Language German, English, French
Format Hardcover
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Pages 264