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60 numbered and signed copies + 15 A.P.

Publisher Note

This list is made from a «collage»: all the common nouns beginning with the letter A, in alphabetical order, to which the suffix «land» has been systematically added.
The list opens with Aland, «A» taken as a simple letter but also as an indefinite article, A+Land then becomes Land, taken in its broadest sense : all land. Abackland,Abaftland,Abandonland, Abandonmentland, Abandonmentland, Abaseland, Abasementland, (...) Azureland.
Built on the same structure as the names of real countries such as Switzerland, Greenland, Holland, Poland, these 1349 terms, although fictional, make sense. They bring together different metaphorical registers that alternately evoke freedom, oppression, absurdity, triviality, abstraction, exoticism.
Oscillating between promises and fears, these terms echo current events and question the nature and very meaning of our relationship with the territories.

Release Place Paris, France
Release Date 2019
Artist: Elsa Werth
Printrun 60
Inscription numbered, signed
Dimensions 69.0 × 99.0 cm

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