"“A mother is a woman who has children and raises and takes care of them. There is so much involved in motherhood that it is simply impossible to describe or define everything. And anyway, every woman’s motherhood is different, made up of different experiences. All mothers, no matter what different lives they live, will find common areas that unite them. This topic is so broad that when I talk about religion, diseases, drawings, and other things, I go back to motherhood all the time.
I have been a mother for four years now, so I can talk about this period, all the events, the daily life and the feelings that accompany me. I try to understand each new experience. I can only imagine how many more unknown and interesting experiences await me – I’m only at the beginning of the road. Becoming a mother is a revolutionary event in my life – I will no longer be the same person I was before the baby was born. It’s as if the steel bonds of care and love that will never break will accompany me until old age. Can I stop being a mother?”

Ieva Stankute"

Photobook, Art Book, Unique Book Object

About the Belly Button

by Ieva Stankute

Release Place Kaunas, Lithuania
Edition 1st Revised edition
Release Date 2022
Designer: Ieva Stankute
Artist: Ieva Stankute
Printrun 500
Original Price 55.00 AFN
Style/Movement Interactive Book, Contemporary Photography
Genre/Content Form Photography
Themes Motherhood, Children, Childhood
Language English, Lithuanian
Format Paperback
Binding Saddle Stitched
Weight 400 gram
Pages 74, sheets