Release Place Kaunas, Lithuania
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2015
Designer: Tomas Mrazauskas
Printer: Petro Ofsetas
Original Price 20.00 AFN
Style/Movement Contemporary Photography, Documentary Photography
Topics History, War
Themes Second World War, Nationhood, Trauma
Methods Documentation, Interview, Photography
Content This publication features work by Claudia Heinermann (1967), Michal Iwanowski (1977) and Indrė Šerpytytė (1983). Three photographers, German, Polish and Lithuanian, explore the legacy of the Second World War through three very personal projects. The photography book Post-war Stories is a visual narrative in the language of contemporary art, reflecting distinctively stories that took place in Lithuania after the war, and actualizes the past in a new way. However, these photographic series are associated with the dramatic stories of their families, or nations, that took place in postwar Lithuania.
Language English, Lithuanian
Format Paperback
Binding Saddle Stitched
Weight 500 gram
Pages 88, paginated