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Publisher Note

This publication is the result of a book-residency of 14 days, in which Anne Vagt worked together with Knust/Extrapool. It’s part of Art Prison, an ongoing project in which an artist gets invited to come and make a stencilprinted book together with Knust/Extrapool.

'Beginners' is filled with light coloured abstract drawings and notes, interspersed with small and funny figurative, suggestive elements. The general feel is subtle yet very intriguing. The book is stencilprinted in multiple colours and bound with the pamphlet stitch.Drawing

Artists’ Book

Art Prison #7: Beginners

by Anne Vagt

Release Date 2013
Artist: Anne Vagt
Printrun 330
Original Price 25.00 EUR
Topics Abstract Art, Risography
Methods Drawing
Dimensions 19.5 × 27.5 cm
Pages 40
Technique Pamphlet Stitch, Risography