ETERNAL PAVILION, Front cover, © rotem of qiryat gat


two cover types available: • green cloth• white paper bonus items: • dedicated original drawing • excavations poster (84 x 56 cm)• 8–16 random prints• set of 9 postcards • surprise

Publisher Note

Standing on the verge of a digital holocaust, the very act of creating this book, against all odds, is a homage to books as physical objects, and to the tradition of bookmaking. Following years of self-publishing small booklets and zines in limited runs, this is my very first hardbound artist book. The book functions both as an artist book and exhibition catalog. This lavish edition consists of a series of 71 miniature drawings, accompanied by free-associative references, with additional 25 apocryphal drawings, poetry quotes, an essay and a conversation. In contrast with its turbulent, oftentimes upsetting content, the book is designed to be presented as an almost monastic experience. Intended to be explored as either a work of art, a quest, or a fragmented narrative the viewers ought to figure out for themselves, the book explores a wide variety of interconnected themes, interwoven into a multifaceted collage of text and images, much like a diary of the human mind ●

Artists’ Book


— excavations of the soul body & spirit

by rotem of qiryat gat

Publisher self-published
Printer: A.B. Offset Ltd
Printrun 484
Inscription numbered, signed, dedicated drawing within each book
Topics Analog, Archaeology, Beat, Cartoon, Codex, Crosshatch, Experimental, Grotesque, Index, Metaphysical, Miniature, Monochrome, Mu, Organism, Poetry, Psychedelic, Random, Sketchbook, Stream Of Consciousness, Underground, Wordplay, Zen
Methods Archive Material, Catalogue, Comics, Diary, Drawing, Experimental, Graphic Design, Typography
Language Hebrew
Work Creation Date 2014 – 2018
Format Hardcover
Binding Case Binding
Dimensions 21.5 × 32.0 × 2.1 cm
Weight 3 lbs
Pages 224, paginated
Color Pantone: Black, Neon Red, Silver
Material Semi-glossy coated paper, Munken Pure
Technique Offset
Interior Notes Includes linen bookmark
Color Gold
Material Green cloth, White paper
Technique Embossing

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