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"Arts of the Working Class" is a street journal for poverty, wealth and art. It is published every two months and contains contributions by artists and thinkers from different fields and in different languages. Its terms are based upon the working class, meaning everyone, and it reports everything that belongs to everyone. Everyone who sells this street journal earns money directly. Every artist whose work is advertised, designs with us its substance.

This newspaper is sold either individually through our webshop or as bundles of fifty copies to bookstores (€175 per bundle, €125 per bundle in Berlin).

Arts of the Working Class 工人階級的藝術- Artes de la clase obrera - İşçi Sınıfının Sanatları - فنون الطبقة العاملة - אמנויות מעמד הפועלים - Sztuka klasy robotniczej - Künste der Arbeiterklasse - Umění dělnické třídy - Искусство рабочего класса - വർക്ക് ഓഫ് ആർട്ട്സ് വർക്ക് - वर्किंग क्लास की कला - Arti della classe lavoratrice - Arti tal-Klassi tax-Xogħol - தொழிலாள வர்க்க கலை - Arbetsklassens konst - Τέχνες της εργατικής τάξης -労働者階級の芸術 - Ubuciko beKlasi Yokusebenza - Aṣayan ti Iṣe Ṣiṣẹ - Farshaxanka Fasalka Shaqada - Artoj de la Laborisma Klaso

Artists’ Periodical

Arts of the Working Class #1

— A City Is A Stateless Mind

by Paul Sochacki

Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2018
Artist: Paul Sochacki
Series Arts of the Working Class, #1
Printrun 12000
Subform Newspaper
Topics Art, Colonialism, Future, History, Political Speech, Street Art, Theory, Urbanism
Methods Drawing, Poetry
Language English, German
Format Softcover
Dimensions 26.0 × 35.0 cm
Weight 92 gram
Pages 40

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