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"Thirty years of blurring lines between capitalism and socialism, democratic and authoritarian administrations, liberal and communist male demons, have all vanished into the void of cyberspace, while a female automated voice lets you know that your gestures, your taste, your habits don’t define a culture anymore, but a highest power: the algorithms. The once televised illusion of unity is now invoicing all underpaid expats looking for freedom in Berlin. A high price paid for a manipulated history. Societies today spend precious lifetimes running after empty promises of deep love when their members only get seconds of attention and have to subordinate themselves to imperial countries who insist on their dubious, independent existence.
We shouldn’t have to babysit the beast: climate crisis, inhumane living and working conditions, widening inequality. Governments must aggressively take action. The level of anxiety produced by the inability to affect global problems is a feeling of obligation to think about the world beyond the west and its entitlement of being the supremacist state of mind.
A global society of equals would not ignore their responsibility to care for their neighbours. The Amazon would not be burning. Greta Thunberg wouldn’t be criticised for her Asperger's syndrome. Migrating societies would be embraced within a national order, instead of being an eternal target of marginalization.
This issue is devoted to the abyss we still have to jump over, in order to change the hierarchical order that impedes cultural labor’s function to imagine what society is possible without the current self-destructive state of affairs. A society in which east and west only serve as coordinates for our own physical orientation."

Artists’ Periodical

Arts of the Working Class #8

— Beyond the Metaphysics of the West

by Alina Kolar, Maria Ines Plaza Lazo, Paul Sochacki

Release Place Berlin, Germany
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2019
Series Arts of the Working Class, #8
Subform Artists Newspaper
Language English, German, Italian, French, Spanish
Format Newspaper
Weight 100 gram
Pages 64

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