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Stay Woke? In a world facing COVID-19 ‘Cancel Culture’ has fundamentally changed.

There is no way around it: Conversations about how the crisis should be handled from a leftist perspective have begun to be part of the everyday. Rent strikes, demands for government cash handouts to everyone in need, and, of course, the right to fair medical treatment, is how the forces behind democratic socialism should translate their political principles into action.

What we are experiencing is a new world in the making, and fuck yes, we better race against the opportunists of the free market and the fascist waves in governments around the world to make it a better one. Being part of this large-scale change, we must remember to not forget, dig out the so far unseen herstories, and act. Now. Outside of the vortex of hysteria that is social media, reality is once again becoming larger than its cybernetic feedback loop.

So what remains of our Faux Culture as we sit in self-isolation? Profit finally becomes worthless when we’re all stripped of basic needs. And that’s an empowering prospect.

- ویراستارها

Artists’ Periodical

Arts of the Working Class #11

— Faux Culture

by Alina Kolar, Maria Ines Plaza Lazo, Paul Sochacki

Release Date May 2020
Series Arts of the Working Class, #11: Faux Culture
Subform Art Magazine, Artists Newspaper
Topics Community, Economy, Isolation, Writing
Language English
Format Newspaper
Weight 120 gram

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