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Today more than ever we are back to talk about “boundaries” in the geographical sense of the term. Boundaries are invisible and imaginary lines that separate –by crossing them– two states, two conditions of often imperceptible or sometimes evident differences.
Words mix together to provide different meanings and at the same time similar to each other.
Geographical limit and behavioral limit, margins and marginalization, block, uncertainty, edges, barrier, delimitation, separation.
Landscape and behavior; landscape and human being.
Border [line] sums up a possible way to read the landscape and its analogies with mankind, overall providing a noir outcome.
(Domenico Scarano)

Artists’ Edition, Artists’ Book

Border[line] (Special Edition 2)

by Domenico Scarano

Release Place Lugano, Switzerland
Release Date 2017
Printrun 15
ISBN-13: 9788894084399
Subform Photobook
Language English
Dimensions 19.3 × 23.9 cm
Weight 1,000 gram
Pages 100