image source: edition fink


88 illustrations, 55 in colour, loose sheets, folded, picture supplement, in printed plastic bag

Publisher Note

The publication “Chewing the Scenery” appears as an independent part of the correspondent exhibition, which is part of the Swiss contribution to the 54th Venice Biennale. Over the duration of the exhibition, the publication will be further developed and published in three revised and expanded editions. In accordance with this processual working method, each edition represents a fragmentary whole and opens up complex perspectives on the outlined thematic field.
The publication contains three extensive contributions by Maria Iorio / Raphaël Cuomo, Uriel Orlow and Eran Schaerf. In addition to these three artistic contributions, the publication brings together texts by Antke Engel, Mathias Danbolt, Patricia Purtschert and Ann Cvetkovich, as well as an introductory text by Andrea Thal and a conversation with Tim Zulauf.
The loosely interwoven contributions in the publication will be expanded in subsequent editions and supplemented by new texts. The second edition of the publication will appear in conjunction with the events taking place at Teatro Fondamenta Nuove, the third includes material on the exhibition contributions as well as the events and will appear after the end of the exhibition.