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117 illustrations, 111 of them in colour, thread-stitched, brochure with dust jacket, two poster and one booklet insert

Publisher Note

In 2006, the Gebert Foundation for Culture developed a programme for the promotion of contemporary art education with KURATOR, which is unique in Switzerland to date, and enables a young curator to develop and implement an exhibition programme.
With the present publication “KURATOR 2007/2008”, the first scholarship holder Christiane Rekade concludes her stay in Rapperswil and brings together the five exhibitions realised in the course of one year in a richly illustrated volume.
Christiane Rekade has chosen Bruno Taut’s work “Alpine Architektur” (Alpine Architecture) as the starting point for the 2007/2008 annual programme and has invited contemporary artists who are interested in architecture and the perception of space, who address the fascination of the mountain world as a counter-world to civilisation, as a mystical place, and who deal with visions of the future. The titles of the individual exhibitions are titles borrowed from Bruno Taut’s drawings and read like a poem: Aufstieg vom Bergsee (Ascent from the Mountain Lake) / Groteske Gegend (Grotesque Region) / Über dem Wolkenmeer (Above the Sea of Clouds) / Das Grosse Nichts (The Great Nothingness) / Sternennebel (Star Nebula) / Die Kugeln! Die Kreise! Die Räder! (The bullets! The circles! The wheels!).
In addition to an introduction by Christiane Rekade in which the individual exhibitions are described and the artistic positions presented, the informative publication is supplemented by a text by the comparator Maria Zinfert on Paul Scheerbart and Bruno Taut and a text by the artist Helen Mirra.